March 2017 NewsNote

March 2017 NewsNote

Dear Community,

A part of me wants to cut to the chase and just let you know about my upcoming Yoga Nidra class at Temenos Retreat in West Chester on Monday, March 20th from 6:30-8:00. I’d love for you to join me for this practice. Please email to register. Call 610-873-0815 with questions. $20 (or contact me if you need to pay less).

But another part of me who LOVES to write and brings me effortlessly to my desk every morning,  has a deep desire to share her musings and hear back from anyone who wants to comment.  For those of you who want ‘just the facts, ma’am’, (remember Sergeant Friday?), I hope to see you in class on the 20th.  For others, I would be honored for you to read more…..

The dawning hour finds me playing with words, but after a while, a part of me watches the clock, feeling pressured by “should’s;”  while another part feels guilty about whatever I’ve neglected. Despite pushback from these and other parts, writing happens because the love affair with my word friends helps me find my Self, and my way toward meaning. And meaning is medicine that long ago became my antidote to depression.

I would rather be painting sunsets, weaving the colors of Earth or dancing with the Elements, but these are not my choices to make; relationship, and writing as my way of connection, is what I have to do, the way I am supposed to make my art, what Ted Coones describes as “that fruitful miracle of communication in the midst of solitude”.

What is it you would be doing if your ‘should’s, doubts or fears weren’t making your decisions?  What is it your heart deeply longs for?  What are you being called to do to feel right in the world?

The universe is expanding.  Under the yoga nidra sign I’ve had for years, “Meet, Greet and Welcome Everything”, I have added another from Internal Family Systems: “All Parts Welcome”.  There is more than enough space for guilty, doubt, depression and their opposites: deserving, confidence, hopefulness. The higher the stakes, the more risky the challenge, the deeper the wound– all of these conditions will find many parts showing up with their competing thoughts and feelings.  What a cacophony!  

This is when it becomes critical for Self to be present. When Self is home, shining her compassion, calm presence and clarity, the journey, even when challenging, is smoother and infinitely more satisfying. By way of comparison, we all have experienced what happens we speak and lead from our loudest or most fearful parts.  Although our intention may be to move forward with grace and confidence, sometimes our best attempts are woefully clumsy and dig us deeper where we’d rather not be at all.

I’m full of parts; we all are.  Often one part of us wants one thing, but another wants something else.  Or in unknown or scary situations we keep some parts of ourself hidden while sending others forward to deal with the challenge.  I am describing the way we humans normally think and behave, not anything pathological.  The Awareness, Witness or Observer I found through yoga nidra meditation is called Self in Internal Family Systems. S/he has as many names as there are paths to find Her/Him.  The more Self is present, the more we abide in Awareness, the more both our internal and external worlds are harmonious, creative and satisfying.  

All my parts and my Self look forward to seeing and practicing yoga nidra with all your parts and your Self. Remember, one ticket admits all!

A warm Namaste,