April 2017 NewsNote

April 2017 NewsNote

NewsNote April 2017


Spring Peepers Chorus Returns!

Crocus and daffodils are free again from the weight of winter’s last snow.  New green hues are being painted upon grasses and within forming buds.  Spirally fronds are appearing. Spring itself emerges with its message of rebirth, new growth, possibility and hope.  Just in time.  Not a moment too soon.

Yoga nidra teaches us that everything comes paired with its opposite…

Personally and politically I’ve heard and experienced despair of a different kind since late Autumn. I have heard about some friendships and family relationships that are strained. I find myself wanting to learn from people who are satisfied or hopeful with the way our country is moving. I want to understand and appreciate how what is unfolding can be good.  I also want to learn how people who are concerned and frightened are dealing with circumstances in helpful and constructive ways. I am not interested in pitting one side against the other as our politicians do so well, or convincing another to think as I do.  I want to understand how others deal with hope and doubt and despair.  I want to understand.

Here is an invitation:  If you have met with despair of any type (and who hasn’t?),  what are the resources you use to keep hope alive?  What is despairing inside of you?  What are these parts of you feeling and thinking?   See if you can have a conversation with these feelings and thoughts solely for the purpose of understanding more.  Meet, greet and welcome these thoughts and feelings with compassion and curiosity.  Where in or around your body do you experience feelings and thoughts of despair?

And clear the space now, inviting hope. Remember a time of hopefulness and how it felt in your body, Does holding a newborn somehow transmit hope?  Your garden?  A beautiful poem? Worship?  Spirit?  Nature?  Music? Beloveds?  What feelings and thoughts arise when hope is present?  Invite hope to take residence in your body,  Trying not to think, just a felt sense of hope, the energy of hope breathing through you…where can you grow your hope?

Weaving even the most delicate strand of hope into the most challenging situation changes the fabric.

Because both sides of my family had experienced traumas that left legacies of doubt and fear,  I have learned to orient toward hope to heal.  Despair is the reason I practice and have become, as it is described in Internal Family Systems, a “hope merchant”,  sourcing and offering hope, first to myself, then to my community.

My heart’s desire, my sankalpa, is for hope to grow everywhere, for the energy of hope to be present, to flow through each of us, smoothing the edges of all our challenges.

So it is with these budding thoughts that I welcome this new season and hopefully welcome you to our next yoga nidra class, Monday evening, April 17th from 6:30-8:00 at Temenos Retreat in West Chester. http://www.TemenosCommunity.org  You will have the opportunity (never a requirement– for you make this practice your own), to explore through silent self inquiry how hope and despair live in you and what they are asking of you. Questions? 610-873-0815.  Please get in touch if you need to pay less than $20.

Please bring a pillow, blanket or blankey and any props to insure comfort lying on the floor.  

Please RSVP, I’d love to know you’re planning to practice with us.

In hopefulness,