May 2017 NewsNote

May 2017 NewsNote

in the metta month of …

May you grow and savor joy.  May you live with ease.  May you find well being through rest.

This season’s change greets us with more light and warmth as colors and fragrances explode.  In this rich expansiveness, we often add more activity to a typically overactive, over scheduled life. Does the myth of leisure time in the upcoming summer have to be an unfulfilled wish?  Now is the time to take a moment to pause, to be intentional, as spring dissolves into summer.  If we assume our demands, desires and opportunities to be outgoing and going out stay the same, what can we do?  

Where can you find pockets of rest and relaxation? Where are your “restorative niches”?* What nourishes and brings you joy?

Imagine how you might feel if you wove pockets of rest, restorative niches and moments of joy into the warmth of your days and the starry nights …..

I’d love for you to join my next yoga nidra class*** [details below] as a purposeful gateway and one way to make this intention for yourself while in community.  And as you know, there are so many other ways to grow joy and ease and to offer your precious self the gift of rest.  Practicing presence by mindfully breathing, extending mindfulness to anything you do as well as to your relationships, letting Nature bathe you in her beauty, a hammock, your garden, savoring those divine just picked fruits and veggies, reading an inspiring or can’t-put-down book…..a pocket of rest, the pause to experience joy need not require much time, but it does require your will and willingness.

NewsFlashNote!!  I have designed three additional practices, now available on CD’s sold in my classes and as MP3 downloads on my web site,  I have brief descriptions of each on that web page, but please feel free to call me at 610-873-0815 if you have any questions or want to know more about the practices.  I will be selling the CD’s at my classes, but if you want one and cannot be at the class, I can either mail it or we can arrange a way and place for you to pick it up if that’s convenient.  CD’s are $15 each, $25 for two purchased at the same time.

May you grow and savor joy.  May you live with ease.  May you find well being through rest.

Hope to see you soon.   Wishing you joy.  Sending metta…

*** LifeForce Yoga ® and Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation MONDAY, May 15th from 6:30-8:00, at Temenos Retreat Center in West Chester. Class costs $20.00, but let me know if you need to pay less.  Come early if you can to enjoy the trails and grounds of beautiful Temenos.  Please RSVP so we have an idea of how many are attending.  Also bring any props that will allow you to be more comfortable lying on the floor.

*Dr Brian Little


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