LifeForce Yoga®

Managing Your Moods Through Yogic Praactices

What is LifeForce Yoga?

I completed Amy Weintraub’s first LifeForce Yoga® training for yoga teachers and mental health professionals in 2004 and assisted her and taught with her from 2006 to 2016. Through working with Amy, I have seen the results first hand: literally hundreds of people have been helped by these ancient teachings and practices. On a personal note, I can attest to the benefits of these practices, as they have become a consistent part of my life and well-being.
LifeForce Yoga® is intentionally designed to work with and manage the mood. This practice is the culmination of the journey toward Amy’s recovery from her own depression. The yogic practices utilized can include asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), mantra (sound), and mudra (hand gestures), sankalpa (heart-felt desire) and bhavana (visualization). LifeForce Yoga® strategies are used with anyone who is interested in experiencing the benefits of these ancient practices. There are many breathing practices that are taught in the office that clients can practice at home. Anyone interested in learning yoga or integrating these techniques into their own existing practice can request personal sessions for this purpose. Sangha (community) strengthens connection, another antidote to depression. Learning and practicing in classes that I offer is very helpful.
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