CD’s and MP3’s available for purchase:


These guided practices are available in CD format (remember those?) and as digital copies.  I donate all proceeds from the sale of these to two local non-profit organizations– Alianzas de Phoenixville and Unite for Her.

My first recorded CD, Experience iRest Yoga Nidra is also available, but only as a CD.

Contact me through email or at 610-873-0815 to arrange to set up payment as well as mailing if you are interested in the CD.  $10 each, 100% donated to helping our local communities.

Naturally Healing Breath I

~your path to ease~

Learn and experience how your breath can calm, soothe and heal. Six different practices, each around five minutes, can be used individually for a quick calming re-set, or together for a longer practice. The ‘Short Practice’ of 12 minutes combines all the breathing practices, and can be used to either rest and renew during the day or as a gentle journey before going to sleep or falling back to sleep if you have woken up. With gratitude to my teacher, Amy Weintraub. Please visit her at” Gratitude and credit to Harvey of BarnDance Productions; contact him at

Naturally Healing Breath II

~coherent breathing~

Fall effortlessly into a breathing pattern guided by the sound of gentle chimes. Coherent Breathing is a calming and soothing practice that over time increases heart rate variability, a measurement used to determine the health of your nervous system. Learn ‘breath moving’ which enhances the calming effects. You can choose from a 5, 10 or 20 minute practice, as well as an 18 minute practice that uses coherent breathing and imagery for chakra clearing. With gratitude to my teachers Amy Weintraub (; Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg ( and Jennifer Reis ( Credits to Stephen Elliott ( for coherent breathing and Harvey of BarnDance Productions ( for making this CD and MP3 possible.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

~guiding you home~

This complete Yoga Nidra Meditation guides you to meet, greet and welcome your true Self and all the aspects of yourself: physical sensations, emotional feelings, thoughts and beliefs. This ancient practice is a restorative and healing gift for our stressful modern times. Through consistent practice we learn how to have different, easier relationships with previously troubling experiences and parts of ourself. Being aware and Awareness itself is experienced. We learn that we have many sensations, feelings, and thoughts that come and go, AND that we are much more than what has arisen to grab our attention. The 11 tracks may be used separately, but be sure to allow times to use the hour long practice for a retreat for yourself. Gratitude to my yoga nidra teachers Jennifer Reis (, Richard Miller ( and to Amy Weintraub for her LifeForce Yoga wisdom ( This one’s for all of you!